We leverage innovative business models in an effort to bring added value and new original concepts to our ever growing online shopping audience


Online shopping must endeavor to cater for large audience and their every day needs

Our areas of expertise include B2C retail, Fashion, Beauty, Daily Consumer Goods, Travel Insurance.

Through the process of systematically identifying, optimizing and scaling up new online business opportunities we strive to stay in constant state of growth and acceleration while remaining faithful to our unique approach.
This approach rests on four pillars.

Standardized Processes

We have developed a set of unique standardized processes that allow us to venture out new business models in an efficient and systematic way

Shared Expertise

We share best practices and leverage synergies across various business entities and knowledge bases

Proprietary Technology

Our proprietary technology supports quick turnaround solutions for elaborated business flows, while retaining high levels of localized flexibility

Human Talents

We attach great importance to finding talented individuals and work together towards achieving personal and collective goals through a successful long term collaboration

People is our most valuable asset, you have a passion for online business? Join us

Team Work

From business innovation to technical reliability, customer interaction to business process application, the Kamelean team is at the heart of the company’s prospect for growth and success. Together we constantly refine Kamelean’s DNA to keep the company moving forward quickly and efficiently

Customer focus

It goes without saying that a truly dedicated customer service with unconditional attention to details goes a long way to differentiate one online shopping experience from another. We at Kamelean place the customer at the center of everything we do, we believe it’s an opportunity and a privilege to have a communication channel with our customers, and must do our utmost to turn this opportunity into a mutually beneficial outcome whenever possible

Performance and Speed

We aim to raise the performance bar with every hire and every promotion. We recognize exceptional talent, and willingly move them within the organization to promote personal growth and achieve the company’s goals. Speed matters in business, we value quick, reactive and pro-active mindset

Join Us

Customer focused approach is the base of our success

1 Understand our customers

With real time interaction data, we have a deep understanding of our customers needs and what really makes them loyal

2 Build a loyal base

We convert initial customers into dedicated audiences with powerful tools that help us increasing repeat purchases

3 Improve customer experience

We provide highly valuable customer experience through added benefits while increasing audience retention and lifetime value